Restaurants to Dine At in Chicago

The recipient of numerous awards for sales growth, Sohrab Tebyanian is the founder and CEO of Andriana Furs. In his free time, Sohrab Tebyanian likes to take his family out for dinner in Chicago.

Avec is one of the most renowned restaurants in Chicago, and its design would steal the eyes of almost every designer and person on this planet. Avec features ceiling-to-floor wood paneling, and its menu is inspired by the chefs Paul Kahan and Perry Hendrix. Avec opened its doors in 2003, and its best dish in terms of sales, which has been there from day one, is the chorizo-stuffed date with bacon. People can also taste oven-roasted whole fish, which is cooked based on the season.

The Twin Anchors is another great restaurant to dine at in Chicago. Over the years, many celebrities have fancied this restaurant, including Frank Sinatra, whose favorite dish is house ribs. The house ribs are slow-baked and feature barbecue sauce.

Columbia Sailing School – Youth Programs

A Chicago-based business leader, Sohrab Tebyanian established the local fur, leather, and outerwear company Andriana Furs over three decades ago. For many years, Sohrab Tebyanian has been a member of the Columbia Yacht Club, where his son and many of his son’s cousins went to sailing camp.

The Columbia Yacht Club was established in 1892 to welcome members who enjoy yachting on Lake Michigan. The club now also supports cruising, racing, power boating, and simply appreciating the view. One of Columbia Yacht Club’s programs, Columbia Sailing School, helps hundreds of students every year. They learn sailing basics and improve upon their sailing skills with US Sailing-certified instructors.

A nonprofit organization, Columbia Sailing School provides scholarships for children in the greater Chicago area funded by donations and the annual “Raise the Sail” fundraiser. The school features programs for all age groups and ability levels. The youth programs range from introductory sailing and summer camps to advanced experiences, such as sailing on a racing team. For instance, five to seven-year-old children can participate in Shark Week. This program allows young sailors to safely have fun on the water and work collaboratively to develop confidence. Meanwhile, the Adventure Sailing Camp is for 10 to 13-year-olds interested in learning to sail a boat specifically designed for their age. During the camp, students learn about boat parts, safety, knots, rigging, and more.

Three Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Based in Chicago, Sohrab Tebyanian is the founder of Andriana Furs. His company also offers restyling and repairs of outwears sold to his customers. To keep fit, Sohrab Tebyanian enjoys doing aerobic exercises.

It’s widely agreed that aerobic exercise is crucial in any fitness plan. Anyone can benefit from aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises will help increase your strength, fitness, and endurance levels. Here are three health benefits of aerobic exercises.

1. Increase in stamina and endurance: When you initially begin an aerobic exercise routine, you may feel exhausted. But in the long run, you may discover an increase in your endurance and stamina. Additionally, it will build up your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness.

2. Minimizing the risks of common health issues: Performing regular aerobic exercises may help decrease your blood pressure and regulate your blood sugar levels. Hence, your chances of heart attack or other prevalent health issues are reduced.

3. Mood uplifting. Aerobic exercise may help alleviate depression, ease your regular tension, and soothe stress. It can also help you sleep better.

An Overview of the Paralyzed Veterans of America

Sohrab Tebyanian of Chicago, Illinois, is the founder of Andriana Furs. Sohrab Tebyanian started the company three decades ago and has propelled it into an internationally recognized fur retailer. Additionally, Sohrab Tebyanian is an honorary member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA),

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, established in 1946, is a non-profit organization formed by armed forces veterans who experienced spinal injuries during World War II. It is a congressionally chartered voluntary organization committed to serving veterans, most of whom have spinal cord injury leading to catastrophic paralysis.

PVA is at the frontline to improve access to healthcare and rehabilitation for paralyzed veterans. It also has a research and educational program that provides educational material to people living with disabilities, their kin, the general public, and health professionals dealing with patients with spinal cord disorder.

Besides, PVA has a national advocacy program aiming to obtain full civil rights for those living with disability and funds the National Spinal Cord Hotline. Currently, the organization has 54 chapters, 59 service offices countrywide, and about 16,000 members.

Chicago’s Attractions – Exploring Lake Michigan

Sohrab Tebyanian is a renowned business leader in the fur retail industry. His company, Andriana furs, is globally recognized as a premier destination for furs. Outside of his work, he loves gardening and amateur sailing. Additionally, Sohrab Tebyanian supports Chicago’s major league professional teams and likes to visit Chicago’s attractions, including Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan is among North America’s five Great Lakes, ranking as the second-largest by volume. However, when measured by surface, it is the third-largest. It stretches the entire Michigan Lower Peninsula’s west coast and is the only Great Lake that doesn’t touch the United States-Canada border.

Lake Michigan derives from the Ojibwa word ‘Michi Gami,’ which means ‘big lake,’ with a 22,300 square miles water surface area (about 57,800 square kilometers). By volume, it measures 1,180 cubic miles (about 4,920 cubic kilometers). It touches Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, with about 12 million people living on its shores. Boasting stunning dunes along its expansive shoreline, Lake Michigan has Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee and Greenbay, Wisconsin, and Gary, Indiana as major port cities.

Fur Fashion

Sohrab Tebyanian’s goal is to provide his customers with the widest range of choices in quality materials and styles. The founder of Andriana Furs in Chicago, Illinois, Sohrab Tebyanian heads a company that boasts a 14,000-square-foot store and offers luxury fur coats and other unique items.

Fur has been a staple in fashion since the earliest civilizations. It has been a practical source of warmth during cold seasons; since it has the perfect weight to keep people warm and comfortable on those chilly nights, it has become a necessity.

Throughout the ages, people’s adoration of fur coats has not wavered, and this has made it timeless. One reason for this is its flexibility. Fur’s flexibility enables it to match stylishly with various outfits. Fashion trends evolve, but fur can be worn for years and even passed on as a family heirloom.

Additionally, the relatively easy access to fur has enabled the fashion item to remain relevant in the fashion industry throughout the ages.

Tips on Fur Care

Sohrab Tebyanian leads Andriana Furs, a luxury fur care company. The business was founded over 30 years ago by Sohrab Tebyanian, and it offers services such as fur restyling, fur repair, and fur storage.

Fur requires special care that lengthens the life of the garment. A few tips on fur care includes:

– Hang fur coats on broad shoulders hangers (no wire hangers) in a dimly lit area. Light may cause fur to change color or oxidize. Give the fur extra space in the closet to keep it from being crushed.

– Do not use plastic bags to store fur. Use cloth garment bags provided by furriers.

– Do not use cleaning fluids or sprays on fur. Have it cleaned by professionals with expertise in fur cleaning.

– Do not pin jewelry on fur.

– Avoid using hair sprays, moth sprays, and perfumes on fur.

– Have your fur cleaned by a fur specialist at least once a year. Avoid having fur dry-cleaned.

NBA Revealed Revamped Kobe Bryant Trophy

A business owner and a leader in the fur industry in Chicago, Sohrab Tebyanian is the founder and owner of Andriana Furs in Chicago, Illinois, a retail company he established when he first visited the city three decades ago. Sohrab Tebyanian has enlarged the company since its inception, and it currently has a 14,000-square-foot store with practically every type of outwear. He has also attended multiple NBA games with his family. 
On February 3, 2022, the National Basketball Association (NBA) revealed a revamped version of the Kobe Bryant trophy, which was set to be awarded to the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP). The new design was created by the artist Victor Solomon, whose work on the trophy design was centered on paying tribute to some of Bryant’s career achievements. For example, the revamped version has an 8-sided base, which partly stands for Bryant’s number 8 jersey. The trophy base is decorated with 18 stars, which represents Bryant’s 18 All-Star selections.
In January 2020, the former American basketball professional Kobe Bryant died along with his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash in California. The MVP trophy was renamed in his honor.

Lake Michigan – Attraction Centers in Chicago

The founder and owner of Andriana Furs, Sohrab Tebyanian, is a Chicago-based entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the fur industry. He provides clients with a large selection of fur coats and accessories and several different forms of outerwear made of shearling and leather. Sohrab Tebyanian is also fascinated by several fascinating attractions in Chicago, including Lake Michigan.

One of the largest lakes in North America is Lake Michigan, which is 307 miles long and 118 miles wide. Lake Michigan is sometimes ranked the third coast of the United States after the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans in terms of size. However, Lake Michigan is the largest lake that subsists within the boundary of the United States.

Lake Michigan curves up against multiple cities in the United States, including Chicago, and features rolling waves, strong currents, and sustained winds. Its shoreline is one of Chicago’s most popular recreational spots. Some people love to visit the lakefront to enjoy the view, while others love to visit for boat tours or experience popular attractions like the Chicago Lakefront Trail (a biking tour) and the Chicago Air and Water Show (an annual festival in Chicago).

Two Fur Coat Restyling Ideas

Sohrab Tebyanian is an accomplished entrepreneur who leads a reputable retail company, Andriana Furs, in Chicago. Under Sohrab Tebyanian’s leadership, the 14,000 square-foot store offers a variety of outerwear, including reversible fur raincoats, Italian leathers, cashmere, and fur coats.

While it remains true that fur coat styles do not quickly get outdated, there are frequent scenarios when a person becomes tired of one of their coats, probably because they’ve been using the coat for years or want to do away with it. They may decide to sell the coat or donate it. These are not the only options available to people who find themselves in this situation. Fur restyling is a more sustainable alternative.

Fur coat restyling transforms a fur coat into a new style. Often, the purpose of fur restyling is to transform decades-old coats into a more modern and in vogue style. When it comes to fur restyling, there are flexible options, including the following:

1. Shorten the hem. Between 1920 and 1930, fur coats with long sleeves trended. This is especially true for women. Nowadays, however, fur coats seldom reach the ankles, giving the hands more freedom to move. Someone looking to convert their old (often inherited) long hem coats into more classy styles with a shorter hem can take the coat to a professional furrier for restyling.

2. Remove the sleeves to make a fur vest. These hemless clothes can fashionably complement different outfits for special occasions, whether the theme is sporty, bohemian, or classy. Removing the hems of a fur coat also leaves extra fur materials to be styled into accessories like a handbag or headband.

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